Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

“How EXACTLY will you market my home to potential buyers?”
I developed the Sellers Listing Advantage Program® to get maximum exposure for your home.  I can Guarantee to get your home in front of a minimum of 15,000 people online and to motivate buyers to come view your home in person.
I am the Exclusive Provider of Homebids here in Southern Nevada.  If you decide to take advantage of this process, you will get multiple offers on your home within 10 days.  I have NEVER had a Homebids Event and received just one offer.  If you failed to sell your home before, this will make the Buyers come out of the shadows. You have to see it to believe it.  Here’s a quick Testimonial
Many Real Estate Agents will take a few photos and post your home on the MLS.  They let the MLS sell the home for you.  When it doesn’t sell, they tell you to drop the price.  Sure, price can be a problem, but did they really get enough Buyer exposure?  I make it so everyone in the market to buy will see it.
90% of home buyers go online to shop for homes.  Just putting it online is not enough.  There is a lot of competition out there.  You need to engage Buyers.  You have to grab their attention, make them look a little more and motivate them to take the next step and see your home.
Here is what I do:
  1. I make sure your home is ready to hit the market.  Sometimes we have to have a difficult conversation about your personal items and clutter.  We make the home look bright, clean and neutral.  Inside and out, your home will be a show stopper.
  2. I hire professional Real Estate Photographers to take HD photos of your home.  Photos  are optimized for maximum impact and load easily on Mobile devices.
  3. Matterport 3D Tour is produced.  This allows potential buyers to get a feel for how your home flows.  It is another great way to engage buyers.  The longer they look at your home, the more likely they will see it in person.    Most agents will not do this because it costs up to $1000 to get this done!                Click Here to see a Sample
  4. Optimize the listing so it ranks high on the popular Real Estate Websites. Just having it on there is not enough.
  5. Develop a Google SEO strategy for your home.  Rank on page one of 50 search terms.  I make a Single Property Website to direct the buyers to.  We control the site and we control the promotion.
  6. Promote your home to thousands of people within 5 miles of your home on other popular websites.
  7. Direct Mail Postcards to 200-300 of your neighbors.  (People actually do still ready their mail)
  8. Full Targeted Social Media Capaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+
  9. Order a Listing Home Inspection to ensure there are no surprises.  If anything is found, we can get them repaired prior to hitting the market.  Don’t let the Buyer use the repairs against you.
  10. Promote the Open House Event.  My team and I will personally engage with your neighbors ( door to door, calling and mail) to invite them to see your home.  This is their chance to pick their next neighbor.  Contrary to belief, Nosy Neighbors are a good thing. We put out 30-40 signs (if your community allows).  We have had events where over 100 people come through the door.

I do not know of any other Agent providing everything I do. They may provide bits and pieces, but never the complete package. Everything is measured and I report the results back to you.

If you would like to learn more, call me at 702-528-8933 or fill out the form and I will respond as soon as I can.