Home Buyers

I can shop for Home online.  Why do I need you?

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That statement is very common, and if you are dealing with the “Average” Real Estate Agent,  they may not bring a lot of value to the table.  If all they do is open the door to a house and fill in a contract.

My Goal Is To Help You Get 100% Of Your Debt (including Your Home) Paid Off In 12 to 17 Years, Saving a Minimum Of $53,272 In Payments and Interest And, Get ALL Of The Interest You Paid To The Bank, Back In YOUR Pocket By The End of 30 Years!

(With the same payment EVERY other Realtor would have you spend!)

I will meet with you every year to provide an updated DEBT FREE analysis and help you stay on track with your goal of becoming debt free!

On top of all that, I know the purchase process from the Lenders perspective as well.  I spent close to 10 years in that industry.  I can make the process simple and way less stressful.

Lenders can sometimes ask for some weird documentation and be a total pain the butt.  I have some good Lenders with competitive rates, low fees and they can close on time.  Theres no need to make this more difficult.  Buying your home should be a fun process, not a nightmare.

To set up a consultation, give me a call.  702-528-8933